Why Do We Close Our Eyes While Kissing?

There are reasons why people close their eyes while kissing.
Kissing with eyes closed


The scientific name of kissing is Philematology. It’s calculated that the average person throughout their lifetime spends 20,160 minutes kissing. There are special nerve cells in the human brain that allow kissing people to find each other’s lips somewhere in the dark in the first attempt.

A kiss works 30 muscles and 12 of them on the lips. At the moment of kissing, many biological and chemical events occur in the body. Metabolism revitalizes, various hormones begin to secrete. The main organ is the lips while kissing, but the eyes also play an important role. People usually close their eyes when they kiss something. According to statistics, this rate is 97 percent for women and 30 percent for men.

Usually closing the eyes calms the person and it makes the emotions stronger. When people want to feel the sense more strongly they close their eyes. For example when they smell a beautiful flower or taste a delicious food. Closing the eyes is the first rule of enjoying the moment and creating fantasy.

Throughout the history, most important sense organ of people have always been the eyes. We perceive the world through our eyes. While all other sense organs can only perceive the near environment we can see the snow in the mountains, the ships at sea, the airplanes in the sky with our eyes.

The distances that our eyes can reach are incredible. But the distances that can be reached with our eyes closed are even more incredible. With our eyes closed, we can dive deep into the ocean or travel to the moon. Of course we travel not with our body but with our brains, or rather with our souls. Therefore the real reason why people close their eyes while kissing is to open the doors and make the spirit ready for an unlimited, fantastic journey.