The Autism Assistant Dog: Mahe

For autistic children, the world can be very complicated. That's why, if children with autism find something that make their lives easier, they don't leave them even a minute.

Here’s an example. 9-year old James Isaac always with his dog Mahe. Even the unfortunate incident that happened in recent days couldn’t separate them.

The New Zealand little boy was brought to the hospital because of the increase in seizures. Because the dogs are not allowed to enter the hospital, the little boy would stay alone in this tough process.

Fortunately they allowed James to bring his dog to the hospital as an exception.

As always, Mahe curled up next to his owner. After showing his support to him by licking his face, the dog then snuggled up beside the boy.

“He was just looking at James, and looking really worried” mum Michelle Isaac said. The dog was always with him until the child was discharged. Michelle Isaac said their life has improved immensely since Mahe came into their lives, 2.5 years ago.

Mahe is also helping James in daily life. James had anxiety before the dog came home. In short, Mahe made James’s life easier.

The dog trained by Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust. Wendy Isaacs, the trust’s funding development manager, said “There is a connection between dogs and autistic children that we can’t explain. Dogs calm down autistic children somehow.”