Oksana Masters : Nothing Is Impossible

Don't give up your dream. Anyone who has faith can achieve their dream. Oksana Masters is one of them.
Oksana Masters

Oksana Masters

Oksana began her life with problems. But no matter what, she never lost her hope. She succeeded in everything she did.

Oksana was born in Hmelnitski, Ukraine on June 19, 1989. Her one leg was shorter than the other. It’s believed that it was caused by the Chernobyl disaster.

Her parents left her when she was young. For years she stayed in various children’s dormitories. The only memories of childhood were poverty, hunger and physical violence.

One day Oksana’s life changed forever. American speaking therapist Gay Masters decided to adopt the little girl. Masters describes the moment she first encountered with the little girl as “incredible.”

Masters talked to neinvalid.ru: “I saw her photo and I said she should be my daughter.”

The adoption process was difficult. Within 1.5 years the procedures were carried out and the little girl was taken from Ukraine to the USA. When the little girl was 7 years old, she was not even 3 ft tall and weighed 28 pounds. She couldn’t speak a word of English.

The doctors said Oksana’s legs should be removed. But with the prosthetic legs she could walk. Her legs were removed when she was 8 years old.

Oksana Masters

But Oksana didn’t lose her joy. She joined the rowing team and in 2012, she won a competition. Shortly thereafter, she competed in the disability Olympics on behalf of the United States and she won a bronze medal in this competition.

That’s not all. Oksana received prizes also for skiing, biathlon and cycling at the World Cup and the Olympics.

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Oksana proved to us once more that nothing is impossible if you have faith and determination.

We should never lose hope. There’s a lot to learn from her story.