Movies About Our Fight Against Nature

Here are 10 movies that show us, how helpless we're in the face of nature.

Walkabout (1971)


A young girl and her younger brother get stuck in one of the deserted deserts of Australia. During their struggle for survival, they encounter with an aboriginal young man, who had been sent away for a period of time from his tribe due to their traditions. The name of the movie comes from this aboriginal tradition.

Alive (1993)


On October 13, 1972, an airplane with a rugby team in it falls on the Andes Mountains. During this collision, some of the passengers die, but the majority of the passengers survive. After a while they find out that the search and rescue work has been terminated.

Ao, le dernier NĂ©andertal (2010)

Ao, le dernier NĂ©andertal

Ao, the last neanderthal in the world, has to fight with homo sapiens to survive.

Touching the Void (2003)

Touching the Void

The story of two climbers who aimed to climb Siula Grande, a steep summit at the deadly level.

Into the White (2012)

Into the White

During the Second World War, the soldiers who survived the plane crash, took shelter in a small, empty hut. They had to fight cold and starvation to survive.

Cast Away (2000)

Cast Away

Chuck Noland who had an extremely punctual life, finds himself on a small island in a deserted region of the great ocean, after an unexpected plane crash.

The Snow Walker (2003)

The Snow Walker

Charlie is a pilot who is carrying something to the pole. When he landed, he meets a small eskimo family who already resides there. They want him to take a sick twenty-year-old girl to the hospital. A little while after takeoff the plane falls and so the struggle for survival begins.

127 Hours (2010)

127 Hours

Mountaineer Aron Ralston goes to spend time in nature without telling anyone. His hand gets stuck between a big massive rock in a deserted place.

The Way Back (2010)

The Way Back

In 1940 a group of slaves from the Siberian labor camp escapes for the freedom. They walk 4.000 miles, pass the Gobi Desert and the Himalayas and through Tibet reach to India.

The Grey (2011)

The Grey

A team assigned to work in oil drilling in Alaska stuck in the wild and desolate area after the plane crash.