How Important is the Physical Appearance in Selecting a Life Partner?

How do we choose a life partner?
Physical Appearance


When choosing something in all areas of our life or when deciding on something, we’re making choices based on conscious or unconscious criteria. We all have certain criteria when choosing friends, school or a job. The question, however, when it comes to choosing a partner, does physical appearance really matter? How physical attractiveness affects our choices?

Physical attractiveness is, indeed, a very affecting factor in people’s romantic partner selection. Physically attractive people usually have romantic relationships, and they’re also liked by people who are physically more attractive than themselves.

Researches in the field of social psychology show that evaluation of people to someone’s attractiveness is depending on how attractive they see themselves. In other words, people attach importance to physical attractiveness while choosing their life partner, but how attractive they see themselves also play a key role.

Based on this information, Columbia University marketing professor, Leonard Lee, and colleagues, George Loewenstein, Dan Ariely and James Hong and Jim Young did another research and tried to answer this question: Do people see life partners more attractive than they are? The answer, according to this study is no.

While less attractive people prefer to be with less attractive people, attractive people prefer to be with attractive people. But they don’t see their partner more attractive just because they have chosen them. People can objectively evaluate the attractiveness of their partner.

Another result of the research is, the physical appearance is more important for women than for men. Women attach more importance to physical appearance while choosing their life partner.