Four Leaf Clover and Luck

Myth #1: "Four leaf clover brings a chance, because only lucky one can find four leaves."
Myth #2: "Every leaf of a four-leaf clover has a meaning: Faith, Hope, Love, Chance."
Four Leaf Clover


Fact: Of course, there is no physical, chemical or biological connection between positive events in our lives and seeing a type of plant.

A four-leaf clover is a variation of the plants of the genus Trifolium. Because of the genetic diversity, sometimes the number of leaves can be more than 3 which is acquired in the evolutionary process. This is happening as a result of the recessive character becomes dominant, after a mutation in a gene called “leaf number gene”. In addition, it has been determined that this gene is strongly related to environmental factors, and the results of the research were published in Crop Science magazine in July 2010.

As a statistic, there is only 1 four leaf clover for every 10,000 tree leaf clovers in the nature. Therefore it’s very difficult to find them. In reality, however, if you’re going to search, you can find only 1 four leaf clover for every 160,000 three leaf clover.

By the type of mutation, the number of leaves may be more than 4. The clover, which has the maximum number of leaves up to now, is a 56-leaf clover found by Shigeo Obara, on May 10, 2009 in Hanamaki, Japan. In fact, Obara didn’t find it, he produced it in his farm using Evolutionary Biology, thanks to the mechanism of artificial selection. The same person entered the Record Book with 18 leaves in 2002 and with 21 leaves in 2002. The most recent record is a 56-leaf clover.

For those wondering, Shigeo Obara still has the same amount of chance as other people.