A Science-Reality: Life

Scientists have found 7 earth like planets. According to the announcement on 22 February, three of these may be habitable and soon we will be able to detect if there is atmosphere and water.
Life Movie

What do you think? Can life on Mars or another planet be science-fiction anymore? While talking about traveling to Mars in 10-15 years, the discovery of living species on Mars or any other planet may not surprise people.

The Life movie that will be released on March 24 is a science-true story about the first living thing discovered on Mars!


Life is a frightening thriller about events that a group of scientists at the International Space Station are experiencing. The mission of the group is becoming a primitive fear as they realize that the living species that caused the end of life on Mars have evolved rapidly. Because the same species is beginning to threaten both the scientists in the station and the world.

The approach to Life was to make a terrifying thriller that feels like it could be in today’s headlines. “This script had such a degree of reality and a feeling of constant tension,” says actor Ryan Reynolds.

After reading the script for Life, Espinosa saw a way to draw on the work of those icons and yet make a film that would bear his personal stamp. “This script felt more like a realistic science fiction – maybe science reality,” he says.

Life is scheduled to be released on March 24, 2017.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Rebecca Ferguson
Olga Dihovichnaya
Ariyon Bakare
Hiroyuki Sanada
and Ryan Reynolds