15 People Whose Lives Became Movies

Biographical films are always more impressive and attractive, because everything you see on the screen is based on someone's real life. A story about someone's life that's worth telling. Here we've collected 15 people whose lives became movies and the actors who played them.

Howard Hughes (The Aviator, Leonardo Dicaprio)

Howard Robard Hughes Jr. was one of the richest men in the world. He was a filmmaker, pilot and businessman. He first became known as a filmmaker and then became an important name in the aviation arena. He had a obsessive-compulsive disorder and died of excessive drug use. Leonardo Dicaprio played him in the movie The Aviator.

John Forbes Nash (A Beautiful Mind, Russell Crowe)

John Forbes Nash was an American mathematician who was awarded the 1994 Nobel Prize in literature. His life inspired the film, A Beautiful Mind which starred Russell Crowe.

Chesley Sullenberger (Sully, Tom Hanks)

Chesley Sullenberger is a hero pilot. He safely ditched an airbus on the Hudson River after it struck a flock of geese, and all of the people aboard saved. Tom Hanks played him in the movie.

James Bulger (Black Mass, Johnny Depp)

James Bulger is a former organized crime boss. He was first arrested at the age of 14 for theft. He was on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list until he captured in 2011. Johnny Depp played James Bulger in Black Mass.

Claus von Stauffenberg (Valkyrie, Tom Cruise)

Claus von Stauffenberg was an officer of the German army. His attempt to kill Adolf Hitler failed, and he was executed. The movie starred Tom Cruise as Stauffenberg.

Aron Ralston (127 Hours, James Franco)

Aron Ralston trapped for five days in canyon and had to cut off his arm to save his life. The movie, 127 Hours is adapted from his memoir and starred James Franco.

Coco Chanel (Coco Before Chanel, Audrey Tautou)

Coco Chanel was a French modernist designer. Her mother died when she was 12 years old. She was raised in an orphanage and learned to sew. She was listed in the Time 100 most influential people as a designer. Audrey Tautou played her in the movie.

Alan Turing (The Imitation Game, Benedict Cumberbatch)

Alan Turing was an English mathematician and logician. He worked for the government breaking the Nazi Enigma code during World War II. He was just 41 years old when he was died from eating an apple laced with cyanide. Benedict Cumberbatch is the actor who played him in the movie The Imitation Game.

Harvey Milk (Milk, Sean Penn)

Harvey Milk became the first openly gay officials in California. Unfortunately, he was murdered by former Supervisor Dan White. Sean Penn is the actor who played him in the movie, Milk.

Idi Amin (The Last King of Scotland, Forest Whitaker)

Idi Amin was a Ugandan president. 300,000 people were killed, more than 2 million people were migrated to other countries during his presidency. Forest Whitaker played him.

Veronica Guerin (Veronica Guerin, Cate Blanchett)

Veronica Guerin was an Irish investigative reporter. She risked death to fight drug. Tragically, she was assassinated by drug dealers. Cate Blanchett played her in the movie.

Frank Lucas (American Gangster, Denzel Washington)

Frank Lucas was a drug dealer. He became one of America’s biggest gangsters by selling heroin. Denzel Washington is the actor who played Frank Lucas.

Jimmy Hoffa (Hoffa, Jack Nicholson)

Jimmy Hoffa was an American labor union leader. He served as president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters from 1957 to 1971. He disappeared on 30 July 1975 and never seen or heard from again.

J. Edgar Hoover (J. Edgar, Leonardo Dicaprio)

J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI’s first Director remained in office for 48 years until his death in 1972.

Oskar Schindler (Schindler’s List, Liam Neeson)

Oskar Schindler was a German industrialist. He saved hundreds of Jews from death at the hands of the Nazis by employing them in his factories. Liam Neeson is the actor who played Oskar Schindler in the movie, Schindler’s List.