15 Mind-Blowing Photos From History

Looking at these photographs is just like time travel. Here are 15 photographs from the past that you need to see.

U.S. soldiers return home from World War II, 1945

Adolf Hitler listens to the Declaration of World War I in the crowd, 1914

Albert Einstein at Hopi House, Grand Canyon, 1931

An unidentified U.S. Army soldier, Vietnam, 1965

A man rides the bike in the Eiffel Tower, 1923

German submarine washed ashore at Hastings, England, 1919

The room where Adolf Hitler commit suicide

Dr. Gustav Zander’s exercise machine, 1852

Departure of the Amerigo Vespucci, Egypt 1963

The first telephone exchange in Stockholm, 1890

Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen and his wife Dagmar Gale, 1947

Alligator pulling a little girl on a wagon cart

Human statue of Liberty, Iowa, 1918

The original Micheline mascot, 1910

Elvis Presley In The U.S. Arm, 1958