10 Awesome Toys from the Ancient World

How lucky children are today. They have all kind of toys, computers and video games. And needless to say, YouTube is just a click away.

People in the ancient times were already adults when they were 15 years old. But what games they played when they were 4 or 5 years old? Archaeological findings show that children in the ancient times had similar toys to ours. Of course there were no technological devices but it’s obvious that kids in the ancient world had super dads who make awesome toys for them. Dolls, yo-yos, marbles and many others. These toys will make you surprised.

Now, let’s take a look at these creative toys.

7,500 Year-Old Toy Car

The world’s oldest toy car found in Turkey and it dates back to the late Stone Age. It’s almost a copy of cars today. Where did they get the idea for this is a mystery. The toy is now on display at the Mardin Museum.

Spinning Tops

Spinning top was one of the most popular toys in history. These spinning tops from the 5th century BC, found near Thebes and on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Roman Articulated Doll

This doll has movable arms and legs which dates back to 2nd century BC.

Roman Marbles

Yet another popular game of the ancient times.

Wheeled Horse Toy

An ancient Greek toy found in a tomb dating back to 950-900 BC.

Toy Chariot

From Persia, and dates to 2000 BC.

A Cat Pull-Toy from Ancient Egypt

Cat’s mouth opens and closes by pulling the rope.

A Dog Pull-Toy from Mexico

Olmec Civilization. Dating back to 1500-400 BC.

Maze Games and Dice

Indus Valley. Dating back to 3500-1700 BC.

A Small Swing Play Toy

Dating back to 1450-1300 BC.